Saturday, December 25, 2010

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Hmmm, Good Morning!



I had a gloriously slow start this morning. Usually I wake up quiet early to see of my sister to school and my parents to work, but today I indulged in an hour more of sleep!

Here I sit with my Nutella Eggo in hand (Don't judge till you've tried it!) and my eggnog coffee, dreaming of the day I get to pull out my favorite vintage Christmas Ornaments.

Wisely, my mom marked a day on the calendar when I'm allowed to start "decking the halls"
but until then at least I'm allowed to make my Christmas Villae since technically it's an art project. :)

My beloved vintage treasure trove

Here is a taste of how my little village is coming along..

handmade paper Christmas trees will soon line the streets.

Silver tinsel garlands act as foliage filler.

Four houses so far, and more are to come!

Stay artsy!

Sarah B.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Raising a Village

Good Morning all you bloggers!
Although I 'm sick, I still feel festive for the on-coming holiday season!
Yesterday I decided to start making my own little "Christmas Village" bungalos out of card stock, snippets from wrapping paper, and an old Bible that had hopelessly fallen apart, binding, pages and all. I'm so happy with the turn out!

I've decided to highlight some of my favorite passages, like Joseph's dreams.

I thought this was a sweet quote.
Many more are to come, including a church, school, library and much more!
What sort of crafts are you all doing for the holiday season?
Stay artsy,
Sarah B.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Ah, Hello,

This is my latest painting.

Awhile back I visited Portland, and as we drove through the Gorge looking at all the ancient trees and moss, I had this idea pop into my head. A woodland view full of splatters, trees and brush. In the center I put an all-white house as a contrast to the crazy nature consuming the landscape.

As you may have noticed, I'm doing a layer/splattering technique. It gives such a lovely effect.
However, taping, splattering, pealing then re-taping again takes patience.

I never will be one of those artists with a clean studio, but, I'm not really worried about it!

"A messy desk is the sign of a creative mind."

At least, that's how I think it goes..

Fashion Shoot #2
Autumn, Blazers and Stripes

I threw this together in a hurry to share my latest find!

I have always wanted a Boyfriend Blazer, and after months of searching, pricing, cringing then more searching, I found this little gem for $23!

Sure beats the identical one at Gap for $89!

ahh.. and its very cozy for Autumn.

Boyfriend Blazer:American Eagle......................................................$23.00





Show and Tell,

Yesterday, I was reading some of my favorite blogs, and I followed a "rabbit hole" of links
until I stumbled across this French band called Odland.

Everything they do has a completely original sound, since they use kid toys, old electronic instruments, piano, and even dog toys that squeak!

Here is a music video of their's that I want to Share.

Its so full of quaint adventure and old time charm! I must warn you, it's very long, but the music is so beautiful, I just like to have it playing while I paint or read.


Défi. from Lorenzo Papace on Vimeo.

On this note, I will leave you until Monday,

Stay Artsy,

~Sarah B.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

We Take a Break From Our Regular Programming For..


I hope you all had a spooktacular Halloween!
I had a small costume party at my house. I made portraits of my guests with food coloring, frosting and sugar cookies.

My sister, the jungle adventurer!
Complete with mustache, pith helmet and green jacket!

My friend the beatnik poet with
barrette, black turtleneck, glasses and a (fake) cigarette.

We also decorated with green spiderwebs, spiders, and ghosts made of cheese clothe and starch.

What did you all do for Halloween?

Stay artsy,

~Sarah B.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

More Than a Cute Coat

Today I'm setting out in search of a few things at the mall.

  1. A pair of leather Brogues/Oxfords
  2. A soft flowy cardigan, preferably in a neutral camel color
  3. A pair of dark skinny jeans

Now, the hardest part won't be finding these items, no the hardest part for me is walking into the first store and wanting the gorgeous tweed jacket in the window. I'm a sucker when it comes to wool jackets with tweed or plaid patterns. My goodness, I own about 7 now! It's just something about them, so very 60's and 50's like. I remember the first one I ever had. It was two weeks before Christmas and my Grandma Margie and Grandpa Larry came down to visit. Now most of you maybe thinking, "Her Grandma?" and I don't blame you, alot of teenagers wouldn't like to go shopping with a grandmother for fear of ending up with a bag of Elmo and hello kitty underwear. My grandma however, has fantastic taste. She always buys quality and not quantity, and god forbid that she ever wears a "pastel & floral" nightmare. No she sticks to blacks, grays, reds and pinks, a very modern color pallet. But anyways, we were all walking through my city's mall when I saw the black and white hounds tooth knee length wool coat. Oh, I was hypnotized standing before that window display! We went in to see how much, and I being only eleven nearly fainted at the $100 price tag. My grandma offered to buy it but I couldn't let her! So much money for one article of clothing! the next day my grandparents brought me back to the mall and this time we walked straight to that store, and my grandpa went straight to that coat and bought it for me on the spot. No "ifs" "ands" or "buts". I couldn't wait to wear it later in the day so I switched coats right after the purchase. As I walked out of the mall I told my Grandma that I felt like a million bucks! Soon after I realized the importance of investing in big items like wool coats. That was also the day my collection of quality peacoats started. I'll never forget that day, and I'll always have that memory of it with my grandparents. Sometimes its about more than just a cute coat, its about the gift and thought behind it.

Do you have a sweet memory like this?

Well ,that's enough reminiscing for me. I'll update you all on my "finds" after today.

Stay artsy,

-Sarah B.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Paintings, Old and New

Over the weekend my family and I went to Portland OR to visit my cousins and aunt who are visiting from Germany. It was such great fun to get to know my little cousins, one of who is nearly fluent in English. We talked ll day about Nutella, Europa Park and how excited he is about carving an American pumpkin for Halloween. Seeing my Aunt was so much fun! She talked about the many differences between America and Germany. Like, in Germany children have to be at school by 6 a.m.! Or how a Starbucks costs the equivalent of 8 American dollars! Not that this is "wrong" or anything. Its just different.
While I was in Portland I found this lovely Wisteria vine, isn't it gorgeous?

I'm going to use these for reference in a new painting idea. Its going to have a watercolor feel, with pen and ink mixed in. I'm aiming for a woodland view full of hundreds of greens, browns and layered ferns leading to a white clean cabin.

My sister and I had a small photo shoot beneath the twisted branches. She took this picture and the rest in this post. I love how she got far up into the vines, my talented sister!

I'm also using this complicated root system in my upcoming forest painting.

Oh, sweet sweet Ikea, why won't you come to my city?
We also bought this rug in Portland.
I love the nature pattern.
Tribal Painting Update
Here is how she's coming along.
The basic color blocking on the face.

Added a bit more face detail, though it still needs work.

I think her face looks a bit to pinched, she needs to be a bit more relaxed.
Still working on it.
I also added some colors to her clothes.

With all this cold weather, I've been painting non-stop, with a cup of coca in one hand and a brush in the other. What do you all do on these cool fall days?

Stay Artsy,

Saturday, October 9, 2010

So as many of you have noticed, I've up-dated my blog header!

I feel it turned out pretty well. It represents everything that I want my blog to be.


These are the impressions that I want my readers to come away with after visiting my little page. Also I hope you have noticed the mini "Art & Fashion" sign. Yes I've decided to adventure out into the wonderful world of fashion! Scared as I am, I really believe that fashion is a huge part of our lives. When you put thought into what you wear it says many things about you. It displays confidence, respect for those you are about to see, and its a fantastic way to show your creativity. I don't think that good fashion should be restricted to only a certain group of people. We should all take pride in it! A bright red pair of ballet flats, or a snug tweed coat can make any girl feel like a million dollars.

Whenever I do a fashion post I'll always include the price, and place I bought each item. I tend to be a penny pincher, so all of my outfits will be affordable, excluding a few key investment pieces. I'll share advice for how to work with upcoming trends (polka-dot tights, sweater dresses etc.) in a realistic everyday way.

So, are you ready?


Here it goes!

Owls and Polka-Dots

Fashion Post #1

I love this outfit, because I get to combine my sweet owl necklace with my french polka-dot tights. It has a sort of vintage urban feel, plus the dress is insanely comfortable. It's made of jersey material. One part I truly adore is my brown Brogues/Oxfords. they're so very English and proper, with a 60's Beatles feel.

  1. Dress: American Eagle..................$13.00 (On Sale, Originally $40)

  2. Tights: Pacsun.................................................$12.00

  3. Necklace:Claires.............................................$11.00

  4. Brogues/Oxfords: Target............$19.00 (on Sale, Originally $30)

  5. Belt:.................................................. Owned it for forever!

Grand Total: $55!

Not bad huh?

Told you I was a Bargain hunter!

Well, that's all for now. I'm off to Starbucks, artists can also pay $4 for an office!

Stay artsy,

~Sarah Bosserman

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Will Fall Ever Come?

Its October 1st and its over 80 degrees! I'm still using sunscreen flip flops and shorts! The nation is burning up currently (L.A. was at 113 a few days ago) and my small town hasn't been spared. Oh, how I looking forward to pulling out my lovely plaid pea coats, textured tights and striped scarves. I cannot wait for Autumns return with its cool evenings, hearty stews and nights spent by a fireside! Most of my friends think I'm crazy, but honestly, for me three months of crazy hot weather is enough! Must we make it four? five? Well, at least my students are enjoying it,
but they'll change their tune when the leaves are enough for pile jumping and when we get frosts promising snow.

Art Up-Date

Today I though that I'd take you through the process that an artist uses to create a painting.

1. The first step is rather organic and spontaneous. Out of no-where a vague idea of forms/shapes will come accompanied with a certain mood. The trick is to grab whatever writing utensil and paper is laying near by and to draw before the "vision" leaves.

This is the initial "Vision" Sketch

2. The next task is to experiment with color studies. If you've ever been to an art
museum you must have at least once asked yourself, "how did he know to use that red and not another?" or "how come color combinations come so easily to artists?". These thoughts are completely valid and I'm often asked them. Artists take time before starting "masterpieces" to make small 4x3 inch color studies of the would be painting. By laying out color ideas on a small foot print side by side its easier to gage how orange the sun should be or vivid the grass should be. Should the moonlight be more white, or light yellow?
Here is the color study I picked.

3. Finally the third faze is the structure study. For my painting I had to be sure that the bone structure, shadowing, fabric folds and stance of my subject were up to my original vision's and nature's standards.

Here is my final Structure Study.

When you line up all the steps together you have a genuinely useful blue-print for your painting.

Well ,that's what I've always done for my paintings, what about you guys? Do you ever plan out art projects, sowing projects or gardens like this?
I can't wait to hear about it!
Stay artsy,
~Sarah Bosserman

Monday, September 20, 2010

Last weekend I woke up with an awful cold, being an art teacher, you tend to pick up whatever is going around. With the aid of much Theraflu, cough drops and understanding from my family (I get irritable when sick) I'm now feeling much better.

Now for the fun stuff!

The weekend before last was my first art booth show! For 25 dollars I got a 10x10' booth to fill with hand painted signs, art prints, cards, and one hand painted chair (above). I sold quiet a bit considering the customer traffic being low that day.

Painting update

Although my painting is only half-way done you can still get an idea of what it's going to be like.
Write you later,
and stay artsy :)

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


That was by far the craziest summer I've had in awhile! For the past two months my family and I have been living the "Simple Life" as some romanticisers call it. Within a few weeks our computer's mother board died, the microwave putted out, our lawn mower's wheel flew off (there were no injuries) our heating/airconditioning decided to take a break, one toilet threw a fit for a few days, the kitchen light magically stopped receiving electricity, and our laptop (being a trend follower) also had it's mother board fried. After this experience, I now hold the highest of respects for Laura Ingle.

Once I had come to terms with God wanting me to be Amish, I found that living without these "basic needs" which us Americans cling to so dearly to, life is much more enjoyable. Sure it isn't the quickest way to warm up cold spaghetti when using a stove, or the easiest thing constantly drive to the library to access e-mail, but I found that without all of these electrical distractions (particularly the computer) I was able to devote more time to art and living. I spent my mornings not glued to the computer but sitting on my back patio, enjoying the cool mornings with my mother and a cup of coffee. The dragon flies would buzz around us as flower petals doused in dew would smile toward the clear sky. Lunches were spent in our newly light blue painted dining room with the screen doors wide open. Around 1:00 I would float in my pool reading a favorite book from my early school days. My puppy would lay on the hot patio happy as can be. Josie (my sister) found that true literature is in fact a wonderful thing after she picked up Pride and Prejudice and didn't put it down for three days. I found a new life-long friend after noticing that she had in fact been sitting next to me for the last 9 months in school. My mother (who has the summers off) decided to finally end her facebook, which after much reflection, was discovered to be a source of great stress. Even my hard working Father took a long overdue two week vacation with us up and down the beautiful Oregon Coast. When I saw him take it slow and be entirely content with the scenic coast I thanked God for the rare opportunity.

We learned to slow down, and to take life as it comes. This is probably one of the hardest summers to see come to an end, but I also know that with the right attitude towards life's crazy quirks, such as deadly lawnmower wheels and my little sister reading Jane Austin, its those very odd occurrences that make it such a grand adventure, whether it's Summer, Spring, Winter or Fall. These are the moments worth living for and I 'm ready to see what comes next.

Malmer under my Rhododendron Bush.

Taken by Joise Bosserman

Monday, July 19, 2010

Renewed Vigor!


How's your summer going? Spending it pool-side? Catching up on your reading? Vacationing with the family? Working on a pet project? Catching up with YouTube?

What am I doing?

All the above.

If it sounds like I'm bragging, please don't take it that way. Its just that with my computer on life support (Its developed a temper and only works when it feels like it) writing has been difficult so I thought I would try and condense the last three weeks into 6 nifty sentences. Please don't judge me because of my laziness. It is summer after all! Anyways, after a few weeks of writing material (also known as life) piling up I grew to fear trying to write even when my computer was having a good day. In my mind the material was a huge leering mountain of which I had no inkling to conquest. Why, the very idea of it.. of it..

*deep breath*

Well, a few days ago after a search through my basement for some pool floaties, I came across a box of old books, one of which was an edition of The Little Engine That Could (a Little Golden Book) and I found myself saying (mentally) I can tackle that mountain! With renewed hope, and a semi-working computer I forged ahead. In my mind I went over the many events I had lived through over the past 3 weeks. Horse-back riding, discovering Dr. Who, sold paintings, prepared for a both sale, hours by the pool, 4-wheeling, discovering Wheezy Waiter (YouTube), spending a day shopping in Spokane, camping, ordering oxford shoes, searching high and low for wooden boards, missing Portland, accidentally breaking an ATM from the era of Tron, painting a Model-T Ford, etc...


After a few minutes of more deep breaths, I've decided to wipe the slate clean of the past weeks events and to set up a schedule for myself, this way I write at least once a week and life doesn't pile up. Sounds organized huh? I'm thinking that Mondays would be a good day to write on, and if for some reason if I feel like writing on another day too, then I'll have 2 posts for that week. Mind you this may take awhile to set in for me, I'm not a big person when it comes to "organization" or "order". Sometimes I think my artist brain thrives in chaos. But, no, I'm going to be firm with myself and try to stick to this. unbudgeable. Steadfast. Not lazy.

hmm, I feel much better now.
Here is a cute picture of my dog being silly to send you off with.
Have a great summer!
See you on Monday!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Hello everyone, sorry about that long break. Life's been taking me for a ride lately. About a week ago is when it all started, my absence prior to that was just due to laziness. And although chronologically it makes sense to start with what came first, I want to save that for ending. You know, go out with a bang. Last Sunday, Fathers Day, my dad helped me set up my Etsy Site. I am Officially selling art online!! and here is my Etsy site:

I know what your thinking, well what could be better than that? You've been working on it for months, planing saving, painting. What else is there?

I'll tell you soon, but first an update on my latest painting.

The Wilson ball or Castaway ball is to give an idea of how huge this painting really is.

I decided to paint two old Victorian botanical (green) houses and above them is going to be a deep night sky with spinning stars and perhaps nebulas and galaxys. I'll just let my brush do it's thing and see what happens.

Now I bet your wondering what I have up my sleeve?

Well..its a big one.















I'm Going To FRANCE!

Paris to be exact.

Now, I'm not leaving anytime soon. I fact I have to wait a whole year until my plane leaves for Paris. This time next year I'll spend 12-14 days of June in Normandy, Paris, and maybe a day in Giverny. You may be wondering "but Sarah isn't this kind of sudden? Out of the blue?" Well this is true, in fact its a fluke that I'm even going. The World Language Center where I take Spanish has a French class. For a few months now they've been saving and planing this trip for 10 people. After arranging accommodations for ten people two of the members decided to pull out leaving two empty spots. The director of the center knew about my love of art and offered me one of the spots. Can you believe it?

I'm might go to Monet's Garden in Giverny.

I'm going to the Eiffel Tower.

I'm going to the Louvre.

I'm going to Mont Saint Michel.

I'm going to the Beaches of Normandy.


I feel so blessed to have this opportunity, especially as an artist! I will be mere blocks away from paintings done be my heroes! Monet, Manet, Van Gogh, August, Renoir, Rembrandt, and countless others! I will walk streets that August did! I might even see the site of his famous, Luncheon of the Boating Party.


I've been taking art classes since age five. I've been learning about these (relatively) modern masters since day one at my first art class. I've read books about Monet's garden for years. When I found that I had a real chance to go and see the works of my heroes, breathe the Parisian air, watch the Seine float by and pretend I was in old Paris during the Impressionist movement I nearly cried. Just the chance to go sent me wheeling, 12-14 days in France!

This fantastic opportunity doesn't come cheap though. The whole trip (I'm not sure if this includes food) will cost 2,500 dollars, just for me. Sure I have 11 months to save up and raise money, and yes I have a fairly good paying job (during the school year) but after crunching the numbers, its going to be tight. I've refused to have my parents help pay, I just don't like that idea, plus I want to see if I can do it myself. To get that money I'm going to be saving every penny. Hopefully the online shop will help pay for my trip too.

Well, that's why I haven't been around much lately.
Life has been to busy to stop and write about it.
But after letting that flood of words out I remember how much I enjoy it.
I'll be writing again soon,


Sunday, June 6, 2010

A Great Steal!
I'm a bit of a shop-aholic but I'm proud of it! I search for great sales (I once got a pair of Gap jeans for $3! and a JCP Jacket $4!) stores and track trends through Polyvore. I think it has something to do with spending part of my first twenty-four hours of life shopping. My grandma Took me straight to a Nordstroms, and ever since that day we've gone shopping together. Over the years she's helped me recognize the difference a bargain and a "rip-off-bargain". (You don't want the buttons to pop off once you get home, or the threads to unravel no matter how good a deal it was)
Anyways, last week I noticed that I needed some semi-athletic shoes. All I own are slip ons, knee high boots, and gladiator sandals. Not hiking material at all. I was searching and I found these adorable Pony converse-like shoes, for only $10! Originally they had been around 45, and over time they had dropped in price, so I knew the quality was good, the store just wanted to move out old stock. There were a few options but I went with the gold and black. They have a sort of retro feel, especially with the golden stripe along the sides.

I love that stripe!

Celtic Door Mural

This is an outdoor mural I finished last Friday for a client.
She wanted something muted with Celtic knots and a fountain.
I used all outdoor paints and will end up sealing it soon.
I'm really happy with the way it turned out, very ancient feeling.

This is the view from where I painted
The rest of the mural will be up soon!