Monday, February 22, 2010

African Marimba Mural

A few weeks ago a friend of mine, Janet, Offered me the opportunity of painting a marimba which would then be mounted on a wall as a piece to a large Mosaic mural she had done. The job required that the marimba be colorful, with geometric African designs. I Gladly accepted. As nerdy as it is, after watching Avatar, the idea of doing anything tribal felt fresh and fun.

Luckily, I didn't have to construct the instrument, instead Janet's husband built it. Whew! Although I'm a die-hard HGTV fan, construction is something that I've never tackled. The very idea of me with a power saw.. well, it isn't pretty.

Any-who, the marimba came as un-stained standard wood, so I gave it a coffee-colored wood stain outside before painting.

After Stain

It was around the upper 50's, so I decided to paint outside. In between coats of paint and stain I actually got a slight tan! Oh sweet, sweet, spring, your coming soon!

My Paints, all in line

Oh so organized, if only temporarily

The heat-wave didn't last long, so the project was lugged indoors. Under the comforting glow of the TV, my ideas slowly materialized!

Feeling tribal yet?

A blurry close-up. I love the kitty-cornered patterns

I'll continue to post up-dates of this project. I also plan to start letting you all in on my latest paintings.

Will post soon,


Thursday, February 18, 2010

A Great, Great, Great, Great Surprise In the Mail

Don't you just love Family?

Today I received a mystery package in the mail. Right away I saw it had come from my Grandpa Pete in Portland Oregon. At fist, I must admit, I was a bit down hearted, thinking it was for my dad who often gets letters from him. Well, it did end up being for me, and the package was heavy and huge, perhaps another novel? He's all ways getting rid of novels, German beer mugs from travels and exotic rocks he had collected over the years. To fully understand my Grandpa Pete, you should probably know that he is a proud German decedent, stamp collector, active chronicler of the Bosserman family line and active traveler. He all ways has funny/long stories of his travels to Germany, parts of Europe and once, Japan.

Well, the package contained the book A World History Of Art, by Sheldon Cheney. "Great, I'm an artist and old book lover, this is a sweet gesture" Was all I thought, then I opened the cover, and a letter from my grandpa slid out with lists of names and dates. The letter said that he had picked up this book in California during 1971, and that the author was my Great, Great, Great, Great Grandpa Sheldon Cheney. How cool is that? It turns out he wrote 7 books on art, architecture and stage design, my three favorite subjects! As I started reading the preface, he states how odd it is that historians of art bury the essence of that which is beautiful under heaps and heaps of technical terms, dusty dates, and other bland technicalities. he says "I should like to feel the grandeur of El Greco, of Michelangelo, be immersed in the unearthly loveliness of a Sung landscape or a Sienes gold-and-rose Madonna. Why don't the books tell me the things that will split the prison of my mind and open my faculties to that transcending experience?"

Well Said Gr,Gr,Gr,Gr, Grandpa!

"Art is joyous, if one can get at it."

What a wonderful philosophy!

The farther I read the more I see similarities in the way we both view art, incredible isn't it?

I had no idea that generations so far apart could share such similarities.

For those of you who don't know your family history, I encourage you to dig around. You never know what might come up!


Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Planting My Rose

Hey there,

today I decided to finally plant a rose I had been rooting. For those of you who aren't what most would call "green thumbed" fear not! Rooting is the simple method of taking a clipping from a plant and placing it in a vase of water. Over a period of time the clipping will (hopefully) give out roots. Then, presto! A free plant for your garden. Not all plants will do this though.
Anyways, today I grabbed my little clipping which had been rooting since last July (I probably waited a bit long but I didn't want to take any chances of it dying on me) and got to work. You might be wondering why a person like me, who is so garden-illiterate, would want to do this. The reason is a bit silly and over-sentimental, but its the way I am. I grew up in Portland Oregon, in a white farmhouse on a rather large lot with ancient oak trees and a huge willow tree in the front. The house had been the place where my eight uncles/aunts and father had grown up in. The garden was cultivated by my grandparents and my parents in turn. We had blueberry plants, grapes, green beans, tomatoes, squash and one year we even had corn. In the back there was and is a huge old white rose bush. I believe its a heirloom plant because I cant find the breed anywhere. The blossoms are small white/pink and have the most heavenly scent I've ever smelled. I adore this plant. I remember putting the tiny roses in my Barbies hair when I was six. So since I now live in Washington, and the house fell out of the family, getting a clipping was no small feat. For years I had put off driving by and asking the owner permission. Finally, last summer during 110 degree weather ( a record breaker for Portland) I was in town and stopped by. Because of the outrageous heat, the road/driveway was a river of tar, and I was worried about my clipping surviving, half of the bush was brown and wilted. Lucky for me, the little guy made it and now after months of nurturing, its now ready for planting!

Here's the little guy

I gathered small rocks and put them in the bottom of the pot for drainage.

Then, I poured in some Black Magic Soil from Big Lots. I only paid $1 for it, you'll find that I'm a pretty hard-core penny pincher. Surprisingly, the soil was of a pretty good consistency.
After some major feats of balance and multitasking I got my rose to stand up straight while pouring in yet another layer of Black Magic. Malmer was my audience. Cute isn't he?
I'll keep my rose inside until the weather warms up a bit.
My next hope is to find a Trumpet Vine for my garden, but I'm not sure if they take to rooting well.. Or maybe a Wisteria Vine.
Hmmm, so much to consider,
~Sarah B.

Monday, February 15, 2010

A Beginning

A beginning, what a wonderful title, if only it was so easy. Sitting here at my computer, a million ways to introduce myself come to mind. Some are simple.. Hello my name is Sarah. Others target my personality, ..I'm an Artist, Reader and semi-nerd. Most resemble an ad in the newspaper, ..Enjoys reading architectural Digest, the beach, and family. But no matter how I begin, it will always seem to come across in an un-organic way, because how do you start something you've been so looking forward to? How does one put character into words? How do you present yourself through a flickering screen in hopes that someone finds you endearing, artistic and thoughtful? I find this task nearly impossible, so instead of doing a series of "Me" posts, I shall just jump in and instantly write about my thoughts, art and life. Through my posts a little of "Me" will be revealed through time, which in my opinion is very natural. Somewhat like new friends just discovering each other, I hope the the blogging community will read, and if so inclined, post a comment for further questions. To get the ball rolling though, I'll write a sort bio today. I was raised in Portland OR, land of the "weird" and moss, then I moved to eastern WA, land of the tumbleweed. Instead of participating in the traditional educational system, I was home schooled with my mother, sister (Josie), and two best friends. I found art to be my passion at a very young age, and ever since then I've attended art classes, and am even on the Richland Arts Commission as the student position. I work as an assistant art teacher with 1st through 3rd graders, and they are a huge inspiration in my art. I am young, at only 17.
My hope for this blog is to promote my etsy site, Life With Sarah, and to get more connected to my buyers, and people in general. Life With Sarah B will hopefully give you a glimpse into my artistic and eclectic life. I'll post updates on my current paintings, decor ideas and a billion random bits that make up my everyday living.
Well, for a Beginning, I feel I did pretty good.
I hope to hear from you, whoever you are, and your welcome back anytime,