Monday, February 22, 2010

African Marimba Mural

A few weeks ago a friend of mine, Janet, Offered me the opportunity of painting a marimba which would then be mounted on a wall as a piece to a large Mosaic mural she had done. The job required that the marimba be colorful, with geometric African designs. I Gladly accepted. As nerdy as it is, after watching Avatar, the idea of doing anything tribal felt fresh and fun.

Luckily, I didn't have to construct the instrument, instead Janet's husband built it. Whew! Although I'm a die-hard HGTV fan, construction is something that I've never tackled. The very idea of me with a power saw.. well, it isn't pretty.

Any-who, the marimba came as un-stained standard wood, so I gave it a coffee-colored wood stain outside before painting.

After Stain

It was around the upper 50's, so I decided to paint outside. In between coats of paint and stain I actually got a slight tan! Oh sweet, sweet, spring, your coming soon!

My Paints, all in line

Oh so organized, if only temporarily

The heat-wave didn't last long, so the project was lugged indoors. Under the comforting glow of the TV, my ideas slowly materialized!

Feeling tribal yet?

A blurry close-up. I love the kitty-cornered patterns

I'll continue to post up-dates of this project. I also plan to start letting you all in on my latest paintings.

Will post soon,


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  1. Sarah!! It is looking so great! Love it, and I am honored to be mentioned on your blog! You are going to delight a lot of people with this project.