Monday, February 15, 2010

A Beginning

A beginning, what a wonderful title, if only it was so easy. Sitting here at my computer, a million ways to introduce myself come to mind. Some are simple.. Hello my name is Sarah. Others target my personality, ..I'm an Artist, Reader and semi-nerd. Most resemble an ad in the newspaper, ..Enjoys reading architectural Digest, the beach, and family. But no matter how I begin, it will always seem to come across in an un-organic way, because how do you start something you've been so looking forward to? How does one put character into words? How do you present yourself through a flickering screen in hopes that someone finds you endearing, artistic and thoughtful? I find this task nearly impossible, so instead of doing a series of "Me" posts, I shall just jump in and instantly write about my thoughts, art and life. Through my posts a little of "Me" will be revealed through time, which in my opinion is very natural. Somewhat like new friends just discovering each other, I hope the the blogging community will read, and if so inclined, post a comment for further questions. To get the ball rolling though, I'll write a sort bio today. I was raised in Portland OR, land of the "weird" and moss, then I moved to eastern WA, land of the tumbleweed. Instead of participating in the traditional educational system, I was home schooled with my mother, sister (Josie), and two best friends. I found art to be my passion at a very young age, and ever since then I've attended art classes, and am even on the Richland Arts Commission as the student position. I work as an assistant art teacher with 1st through 3rd graders, and they are a huge inspiration in my art. I am young, at only 17.
My hope for this blog is to promote my etsy site, Life With Sarah, and to get more connected to my buyers, and people in general. Life With Sarah B will hopefully give you a glimpse into my artistic and eclectic life. I'll post updates on my current paintings, decor ideas and a billion random bits that make up my everyday living.
Well, for a Beginning, I feel I did pretty good.
I hope to hear from you, whoever you are, and your welcome back anytime,


  1. Great to see you on the internet, looking forward to following your art adventures!


  2. It's so exciting as your sister to see how you will show your art and talk about the funny things in life we go through together:) I can't wait to see how it all plays out, Good Luck!


  3. I can't wait to watch your creation.


  4. It'll be great to "hear" your thoughts. Way to go!!

  5. Sarah! This will be fun. And how do we get to see your etsy site?

  6. We're still working on the etsy site, but its soon to come!

  7. gracias por la invitación :) I am looking forward to getting to know you better.... :)

  8. Oh Sarah,
    What a beautiful, bright, talented, and smart young lady you are.
    I wish you all the best in everything you do!
    ~Carrie Miller