Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Planting My Rose

Hey there,

today I decided to finally plant a rose I had been rooting. For those of you who aren't what most would call "green thumbed" fear not! Rooting is the simple method of taking a clipping from a plant and placing it in a vase of water. Over a period of time the clipping will (hopefully) give out roots. Then, presto! A free plant for your garden. Not all plants will do this though.
Anyways, today I grabbed my little clipping which had been rooting since last July (I probably waited a bit long but I didn't want to take any chances of it dying on me) and got to work. You might be wondering why a person like me, who is so garden-illiterate, would want to do this. The reason is a bit silly and over-sentimental, but its the way I am. I grew up in Portland Oregon, in a white farmhouse on a rather large lot with ancient oak trees and a huge willow tree in the front. The house had been the place where my eight uncles/aunts and father had grown up in. The garden was cultivated by my grandparents and my parents in turn. We had blueberry plants, grapes, green beans, tomatoes, squash and one year we even had corn. In the back there was and is a huge old white rose bush. I believe its a heirloom plant because I cant find the breed anywhere. The blossoms are small white/pink and have the most heavenly scent I've ever smelled. I adore this plant. I remember putting the tiny roses in my Barbies hair when I was six. So since I now live in Washington, and the house fell out of the family, getting a clipping was no small feat. For years I had put off driving by and asking the owner permission. Finally, last summer during 110 degree weather ( a record breaker for Portland) I was in town and stopped by. Because of the outrageous heat, the road/driveway was a river of tar, and I was worried about my clipping surviving, half of the bush was brown and wilted. Lucky for me, the little guy made it and now after months of nurturing, its now ready for planting!

Here's the little guy

I gathered small rocks and put them in the bottom of the pot for drainage.

Then, I poured in some Black Magic Soil from Big Lots. I only paid $1 for it, you'll find that I'm a pretty hard-core penny pincher. Surprisingly, the soil was of a pretty good consistency.
After some major feats of balance and multitasking I got my rose to stand up straight while pouring in yet another layer of Black Magic. Malmer was my audience. Cute isn't he?
I'll keep my rose inside until the weather warms up a bit.
My next hope is to find a Trumpet Vine for my garden, but I'm not sure if they take to rooting well.. Or maybe a Wisteria Vine.
Hmmm, so much to consider,
~Sarah B.


  1. I love the pictures, Malmers such a goof:)

  2. Wow!! What an AWESOME heritage! To think you grew up in the same house as your dad.... and then got a clipping from your childhood rose plant to grow in your own house! What a treasure! :) I hope it grows and flourishes for you! The picture with your cat peeking over the top of the table is great! :)

  3. That was my favorite rose bush when I was living there, too. I always drive by whenever I'm in the neighborhood...
    Angela Eddy-Westover

  4. Hey, I remember you! I forgot your family lived there too. When I was little I thought you had the prettiest red hair :)
    Thanks Angela.