Tuesday, March 2, 2010

A Contemplative Hatter

Hey There,

I just finished my latest picture yesterday!
I want to let you all know that I've had a Alice in Wonderland Series going on for a few years now. I wasn't taking the idea from the latest Tim Burton spin, although I'm excited to see that movie. Nope, I've all ways been inspired by the book, ever since I read it in middle school. The creative genius which inspires me is obvious throughout the book. What other story has a mean Queen of Hearts, a talking rabbit who is late, the Jabberwocky, "Twinkle twinkle little bat..", up is down, all ways are the Queen's ways, croquet with hedge hogs and flamingos, and mad tea parties.
How can you not get excited over it all? The very mention of such a classic fairytale gets my creative itch going.

A forest scene full of teacups, teapots, the Mad Hatter, and a smiling cat in the trees.

The sketch with some work begun.

The finished product!

The Mad Hatter sits on a gigantic teacup, contemplating something.

The sketch


A lone, sympathetic character.

The Cheshire Cat, sits among the bows of the tree, watching our Mad Hatter.

The final drawing.

I used my silly kitty Malmer as a model.

I always imagined the Cheshire cat as a sly, slender cat, much like my dear Malmer.

The branches above the Cheshire Cat have a stained glass effect.

A look at the forest.



Notice, that the Mad Hatter's teacup is over flowing into a stream, which flows into another cup and disappears.

One last tree close-up.