Monday, March 1, 2010

Finished Marimba

I finished my marimba project, and I must say, I think it looks pretty good. Tomorrow I get the sealer, but other than that, its finished. Last Sunday night I did the final touches while watching the closing ceremonies of the 2010 winter Olympics. Did anyone else think the middle part felt a little Macy's Day Parade-ish? However, I thought the part when Michael J. Fox spoke was sort of sweet and over all I'm sad to see it end.
Anyways, enough about that, now here it is!


A close up of the dread-locks man

Even though the marimba changes size as it goes, I was still able to keep the pattern symmetrical

Tomorrow I plan to show you a piece I've been working on for my Etsy site.
We'll see if it turns out right, until then, I wish you all a nice week full of warm spring-ish weather!


  1. Sarah!!! This is Jessica from your parents small group...your marimba is AMAZING! You are very talented. I'm so glad your mom posted your website on Facebook, I am definitely a fan. :-) I'll have to keep your mad skills in mind when I tackle my projects!

  2. Wow, Sarah, this is so awesome! I LOVE how you made the patterns and especially how you used the white to accent the colors!! I love the little man in the middle! :) Congrats!

  3. WOW...... that is all I can say... Wow.... Was the marimba hard to make?