Monday, March 22, 2010

Spring Break, Rockaway Here I Come!

Rockaway Beach, here I come! This spring break, which starts tomorrow, my family and I are going to spend 4-5 days in this Oregon, ocean side community. Rockaway has lovely antique shops, locally owned candy stores, and a multitude of adorable cottage style homes. Sometime during this trip we'll visit some family friends who also have a beach house. The center point between our beaches just happens to be Pacific City, a town with a HUGE sand dune and a Delicious family pub. The pub is called The Pelican Pub and Brewery. Often my parents will order a glass of the house brew, a pizza, and watch from the restaurant windows as Jojo and I climb the monstrous dune. naturally, the allure of food brings my sister and I back to the Pelican for a slice of pizza and the family atmosphere. I'll be gone for a week, compiling sketches, photos and stories for all you guys, so enjoy your spring break, I wish you all a relaxing week.

Twin Rocks at Rockaway Beach.

Areal view of Rockaway
A picture of one of my favorite antique stores in Wheeler, a city 20 minutes from Rockaway.

A small update on some of the neat things we sold at the yard sale.

I LOVE this gnome! It reminds me of the silly "Roaming Gnome".

A beautiful 1970's Avon bird cage styled perfume bottle.

Some sweet vintage blue, yellow and orange pillow cases.

Turn of the century christening dresses for babies.

A little lamb, just in time for Easter.

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