Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Vintage Finds


A few months back my Great Grandma Bonnie passed, and I miss her dearly. Today my family and I went through two truck loads of her estate, and although it was sort of sad we made the best of it by thinking of it as a treasure hunt. My sister and I laughed and joked as we went through boxes and boxes of vintage pots, pans, comic strips, clothes, curtains, Christmas lights/decorations, family photos, projectors, furniture, video reels, and about a dozen cameras. You'd be surprised by how much one person can collect over a life time! We even found old Life magazines, Good Housekeeping magazines, and boxes of old records. With the sun shining and sixty-two degree weather, we sorted out things for a garage sale we plan on having. Of course, we'll keep things like ancient family heirlooms, and photos, but there are also piles of kitchen ware and holiday decorations which will have to be sold. I mean, how many egg slicers does one girl need? Or orange peelers! Right now my yard looks like a jungle or junk yard with all the boxes and "organized" piles. Whenever the neighbors ask whats going on, I refer to the mess as "Trailer-Chic".

Some old kitchen ware

My sister Jo-Jo poses for a demonstration for one of the numerous cameras

A cute apron and "Marypoppins" bag

We found a Charlie Brown hat. Jo-Jo was quite taken with it!

Some vintage Elves and newspaper comics from the 4o's.

Some baby shoes from the 40's or 50's

Jo-Jo and I found some amazing headphones!

After all the work, Jo-Jo took a spin on a dolly. Rascal, our dog, followed close behind.

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