Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A Work Space of My Own

I am infamous for taking over the house when doing an art project. Glue sticks on the floor, paint bottles on the coffee/dinning table, paint brushes in the kitchen and general chaos for my family when the question "where do we sit?" must be seriously considered. In light of my families' heroic struggle in living with an artist, I decided to cut them a brake and confine my projects to a specified place. Yes, I'm relinquishing my grip on every available workspace, and I'm now moving to the basement. Oh the sacrifice!
I have an empty corner in my bedroom basement perfect for an art desk and inspiration wall. The challenge is not finding the space down there, rather, to make it feel less dark and decrepit, and more light and creative. My family lives in a sweet 1940's bungalow with window awnings, a fire place and a basement. As much as I love my retro home, I'm not thrilled about having my art desk in an unfinished basement with nearly zero natural light. However, with a few tricks I've collected over the years, from the wonders of HGTV and DIY, I think this "Mini-Makeover" will turn out fine.

I hope you all realize how much I love you all by showing the scary before photos.
Yes, that's a mini Christmas tree and a sheet tacked to the wall, don't ask why, I honestly don't know.

After a strong vacuuming, taking down the sheet, and painting the walls a clean white makes it seem a billion times better already.

A job well done! I pinned-up/hung my favorite vintage postcards for inspiration.
The awful neon-green file cabinet is gone, replaced by some much needed negative space for opening my closet door.

p.s. Sorry about the blurry photos, my camera was having an off-day.

Stringing pictures up in an interesting way adds a artsy feeling.

Well, that was my Mini-Makeover and it didn't take any money since I already had the paint, string, cork boards and lamp. Tomorrow I plan on showing some of my latest work.

Stay crafty,



  1. I love it, Sarah! Although, I will miss the mini Christmas tree. :o)

  2. It looks great! :)

    And I'm in the same boat as you. My room's in the (unfinished) basement with limited natural light (natural light is one of my favorite things). :( I'll probably be doing most of my crafting down there as well (once it's completely done -- I'm getting carpet).

    Seeing your space has inspired me and given me some ideas for my room/art space! Thanks! :D