Thursday, April 8, 2010

Before I do another post about my spring break, I wanted to share how my paintings are coming along. During my vacation I saw my two favorite movies, Chocolate and A Good Year. I just adore the simplicity of Chocolate and the well crafted sets. A Good Year is be far my all-time favorite movie in every way. First, it was based off a book, so the lines have depth and the actors were able to really dig deep into their characters. Secondly, it takes place in Provence which is in the South of France. Provence is full of Tuscany styled crumbling cobble stones, farm houses, villas and churches. The sun kissed land is abundant in vineyards, gardens and lush orchards. The music in this film is a mixture of Harry Nilsson tunes, 50's styled rumbas and love songs all sung in french. Technically it's considered a romantic comedy, but the director, Ridley Scott approach the project with the determination to cut all the predictable romantic comedy staples.

The result is a gloriously well crafted film contrasting our modern business era with the simple Provence life style.

Anyways, sorry about going off like that, but I really cant say enough about this movie, after all, it is my favorite.

Using this inspiration, I wanted to paint a table covered in many bright table clothes, under an old fashioned chandelier and strings of lights. Laid out on the table are plates, glasses, and light wines to complement the rich desserts on the cake stands. Around this prepared feast is a circular room with open windows, welcoming in summer breezes. Light white-honey tones from the wood work contrast brilliantly with the blue twilight sky beyond.

So far I've only put down the base colors, later on I'll add the shading. For an experiment, I basically painted with colors straight from the tube. I did this as an exercise and contrast from my other finished painting (below) which requires careful mixing to get the effect needed.

My other painting, which is based off Alice in Wonderland, is done!

Eventually these will all be prints, and be for sale on my Etsy site, which should be up soon.
Well, that's about it for now,
Stay Crafty
~Sarah Bosserman

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  1. oh finally i see your alice in wonderland- Jamie was telling me about them- I love your choice of colors!!!THey capture that whimsy but not in a cutesy way- in a classic timeless way like the slight darkness with the happy too....