Saturday, April 17, 2010

Only time for a quick up-date!
The last week has been a wonderful series of upper 70's lower 80's in weather which of course lead to sunbathing, chocolate cookies, and Peach Crystal Light Ice Tea.
After so many days of fun, I now find myself with a dizzy head, and upset stomach.
Ah-well, if that's the price for such a good week, so be it! A few days ago I saw Clash of the Titans, and although it had some fantastic action sequences (the kracken fight) the plot was all over the place, as were the characters emotions. I saw it in 3D, and quiet honestly I think the best parts were the previews. Sorry to come down so heavy on the "Titans" but I tend to be a movie perfectionist. At one point a blunder in obvious proportions was laughable!
At the end Zeus is standing with Perseus and they have their backs to the sun. During a dramatic pause in speech, with out turning around, or angling his neck, Perseus looks at a breath taking sunset. hmmmmm, he has his back to the sun, but looks at the sun set.. I don't know about you, but I've made up my mind about Clash of the Titans, and it's less than satisfactory.
Hopefully, tomorrow I can give an update on my two latest paintings, one of which takes place in Tibet, while the other is in my own backyard.
Stay crafty,
A few quick shots of my week

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