Thursday, May 27, 2010

Latest Works, Art Magazines, Lochness and The Suburbs

Yikes! That was an unusualy long break between posts. The crazyness of ending a school year invades every part of your life! Yesterday was my last day of school, and today is my last of work. Since I'm an assistant art teacher I only work during the school year since no child (understandibly) wants to take classes during summer. I've found that I'll miss all those little kindergarteners and middle schoolers, they allways have you guessing, not to mention laughing.

I remeber one conversation between two little ones around the 7-8 age range, and it went like this..

Boy: Today I learned that dogs can only see in black in white.

Girl: Well how do you know that dogs can only see in black and white? You're not a dog.

Boy: Well how do you know I've never been a dog?

After that last line the whole class room exploded in laughter, I actualy had tears running from my eyes. I also remember a time when a small kindergartener was trying to tell a joke but the thought of it was so funny she couldn't get it out and collapsed in laughter, she cracked herself up. Not only were the kindergarteners a joy to teach, but the middle schoolers were so hard working and creative! Once we were making sculptures of houses with recylced boxes, egg cartoons, etc. and this one girl created a five story mansion compleate with hot tub, water slide, elevator. I can't believe she built so much in an hour.

For the Tumbleweed Art Studio's Student Show my boss asked me to make a poster

Here it is!

I also worked on a new painting of a cute octopus.
I've named him Wembley.

I love his baby-face.

A boy I know made this Dinosuar (Nessy) in my schools art class.

Can you believe he was going to throw it away?

I'm so glad I rescued him.

This is an amazing artist magazine called Esopus, and for 20 dollars you get a latest upcoming music CD, pull out posters and 12 different artist to inspire you.

Its like having a bit of the New York art sceen right in your hands

If your interested in them, which you should be, here is their site:

Well, that was a bit of my week, Tomorrow morning I'm heading to Camano Island for Memorial Day. I plan on taking lots of pictures, and perhapes I'll find time to paint.

Untill next time,


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