Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mothers Day, Fishing and Hopes of Summer

Ahh, only two weeks left until summer vacation! Oh I can't wait for the Road trips to the beach house, swimming, the smell of sunscreen, drinking ice tea on the shaded porch, capturing the summer light in a painting, picking up a good book, going to art festivals, vintage car festivals, and camping on the Oregon coast. Sweet, sweet summer, full of tank tops, flip-flops and sprinklers how I've missed you!
A Snap-Shot of how my mother and I spent Mothers Day
tanning on our back lawn. Honestly my sister,
Mother and I can't get enough of the sun's warm rays.

Here is a painting I finished.
It's of a small Italian car driving down a row of ancient oaks.
I used pen and ink to outline, then I used watered down acrylics.
Sweet looking, no?

On Sunday, before Mothers Day, my family and I went fishing at Williams Lake.

It was gorgeous out, and I think I got a small tan!

Isn't this small yellow boat adorable?
I'm considering using it for my next painting.

A shot of the tough fishermen, braving the on-coming rain clouds.

This might end up becoming a painting too.
So that's what my week, and soon to-be-summer is looking like, what about yours?
Hope you all have fantastic warm-weathered summers,

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  1. I finally found the comment place!! I love your photos!! I want a Wembley print for my bathroom someday 'kay??? I can't figure out how to link your blog to fb so I just invited people...you are terrific Sarah and I love your stuff of art and you-ness (gotta be a better word but can't think of it)