Sunday, May 2, 2010

Only a month left of school, the sun is out, and I'm setting up shop!

Today my dad and I saved pictures of my paintings to a flash drive so orders for the soon-to-be Etsy shop can be stocked quickly. Today I'm also setting up a Paypal account for taking orders, after that my Etsy shop can be created. Oh, I cant wait to be in business, if all goes well I might not even need a summer job.. it's a high dream, but possible, after all, this is America!

Above is a photo of what a general Monday is like for me. Sipping a Choco-latte-frap-ah-whatever-sugar-bomb (I don't speak Starbucks) meeting people, and getting some much needed painting done. My weekly starbucks run kills the morning "blahs" during the school year. For summer I'd like to go paint in a park by the river because of the great natural light.

I don't know If I've mentioned this before, but I'm on my third year of Spanish. Learning another language is one of the best things I've ever done, it helps you see a larger world and be more sensitive about other cultures. I'm finally at the point were I'm going to try and read a novel completely in Espanol! It wont be easy, and yes, I'll have a Spanglish dictionary near by, but isn't it exciting? A friend from a bible study lent me "En el tiempo de las Mariposas" or "In the Time of the Butterflies". I heard that it was a made into a movie, or that the movie became a book, whichever it was, I hear it is very good. So far, I humbly admit I'm only on the second paragraph, but so far so good. If any of you have seen the movie, let me know what you think, I'd love to hear some opinions.

Write you all later,


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  1. I thoroughly enjoyed the English version of the book although didn't know there was a movie.