Monday, July 19, 2010

Renewed Vigor!


How's your summer going? Spending it pool-side? Catching up on your reading? Vacationing with the family? Working on a pet project? Catching up with YouTube?

What am I doing?

All the above.

If it sounds like I'm bragging, please don't take it that way. Its just that with my computer on life support (Its developed a temper and only works when it feels like it) writing has been difficult so I thought I would try and condense the last three weeks into 6 nifty sentences. Please don't judge me because of my laziness. It is summer after all! Anyways, after a few weeks of writing material (also known as life) piling up I grew to fear trying to write even when my computer was having a good day. In my mind the material was a huge leering mountain of which I had no inkling to conquest. Why, the very idea of it.. of it..

*deep breath*

Well, a few days ago after a search through my basement for some pool floaties, I came across a box of old books, one of which was an edition of The Little Engine That Could (a Little Golden Book) and I found myself saying (mentally) I can tackle that mountain! With renewed hope, and a semi-working computer I forged ahead. In my mind I went over the many events I had lived through over the past 3 weeks. Horse-back riding, discovering Dr. Who, sold paintings, prepared for a both sale, hours by the pool, 4-wheeling, discovering Wheezy Waiter (YouTube), spending a day shopping in Spokane, camping, ordering oxford shoes, searching high and low for wooden boards, missing Portland, accidentally breaking an ATM from the era of Tron, painting a Model-T Ford, etc...


After a few minutes of more deep breaths, I've decided to wipe the slate clean of the past weeks events and to set up a schedule for myself, this way I write at least once a week and life doesn't pile up. Sounds organized huh? I'm thinking that Mondays would be a good day to write on, and if for some reason if I feel like writing on another day too, then I'll have 2 posts for that week. Mind you this may take awhile to set in for me, I'm not a big person when it comes to "organization" or "order". Sometimes I think my artist brain thrives in chaos. But, no, I'm going to be firm with myself and try to stick to this. unbudgeable. Steadfast. Not lazy.

hmm, I feel much better now.
Here is a cute picture of my dog being silly to send you off with.
Have a great summer!
See you on Monday!