Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Will Fall Ever Come?

Its October 1st and its over 80 degrees! I'm still using sunscreen flip flops and shorts! The nation is burning up currently (L.A. was at 113 a few days ago) and my small town hasn't been spared. Oh, how I looking forward to pulling out my lovely plaid pea coats, textured tights and striped scarves. I cannot wait for Autumns return with its cool evenings, hearty stews and nights spent by a fireside! Most of my friends think I'm crazy, but honestly, for me three months of crazy hot weather is enough! Must we make it four? five? Well, at least my students are enjoying it,
but they'll change their tune when the leaves are enough for pile jumping and when we get frosts promising snow.

Art Up-Date

Today I though that I'd take you through the process that an artist uses to create a painting.

1. The first step is rather organic and spontaneous. Out of no-where a vague idea of forms/shapes will come accompanied with a certain mood. The trick is to grab whatever writing utensil and paper is laying near by and to draw before the "vision" leaves.

This is the initial "Vision" Sketch

2. The next task is to experiment with color studies. If you've ever been to an art
museum you must have at least once asked yourself, "how did he know to use that red and not another?" or "how come color combinations come so easily to artists?". These thoughts are completely valid and I'm often asked them. Artists take time before starting "masterpieces" to make small 4x3 inch color studies of the would be painting. By laying out color ideas on a small foot print side by side its easier to gage how orange the sun should be or vivid the grass should be. Should the moonlight be more white, or light yellow?
Here is the color study I picked.

3. Finally the third faze is the structure study. For my painting I had to be sure that the bone structure, shadowing, fabric folds and stance of my subject were up to my original vision's and nature's standards.

Here is my final Structure Study.

When you line up all the steps together you have a genuinely useful blue-print for your painting.

Well ,that's what I've always done for my paintings, what about you guys? Do you ever plan out art projects, sowing projects or gardens like this?
I can't wait to hear about it!
Stay artsy,
~Sarah Bosserman


  1. It's very different from everything else you've done. In a really good way. I can still tell that it's by Sarah B but it's very sophisticated. And I love the darker skin tone.

    Whatever ends up being the final product will no dobut be ah-mazing as usual :)

  2. I usually just sketch on the canvas, but then again, I'm usually doing Celtic knots, so . . . I really like the way you draw people!