Saturday, October 23, 2010

More Than a Cute Coat

Today I'm setting out in search of a few things at the mall.

  1. A pair of leather Brogues/Oxfords
  2. A soft flowy cardigan, preferably in a neutral camel color
  3. A pair of dark skinny jeans

Now, the hardest part won't be finding these items, no the hardest part for me is walking into the first store and wanting the gorgeous tweed jacket in the window. I'm a sucker when it comes to wool jackets with tweed or plaid patterns. My goodness, I own about 7 now! It's just something about them, so very 60's and 50's like. I remember the first one I ever had. It was two weeks before Christmas and my Grandma Margie and Grandpa Larry came down to visit. Now most of you maybe thinking, "Her Grandma?" and I don't blame you, alot of teenagers wouldn't like to go shopping with a grandmother for fear of ending up with a bag of Elmo and hello kitty underwear. My grandma however, has fantastic taste. She always buys quality and not quantity, and god forbid that she ever wears a "pastel & floral" nightmare. No she sticks to blacks, grays, reds and pinks, a very modern color pallet. But anyways, we were all walking through my city's mall when I saw the black and white hounds tooth knee length wool coat. Oh, I was hypnotized standing before that window display! We went in to see how much, and I being only eleven nearly fainted at the $100 price tag. My grandma offered to buy it but I couldn't let her! So much money for one article of clothing! the next day my grandparents brought me back to the mall and this time we walked straight to that store, and my grandpa went straight to that coat and bought it for me on the spot. No "ifs" "ands" or "buts". I couldn't wait to wear it later in the day so I switched coats right after the purchase. As I walked out of the mall I told my Grandma that I felt like a million bucks! Soon after I realized the importance of investing in big items like wool coats. That was also the day my collection of quality peacoats started. I'll never forget that day, and I'll always have that memory of it with my grandparents. Sometimes its about more than just a cute coat, its about the gift and thought behind it.

Do you have a sweet memory like this?

Well ,that's enough reminiscing for me. I'll update you all on my "finds" after today.

Stay artsy,

-Sarah B.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Paintings, Old and New

Over the weekend my family and I went to Portland OR to visit my cousins and aunt who are visiting from Germany. It was such great fun to get to know my little cousins, one of who is nearly fluent in English. We talked ll day about Nutella, Europa Park and how excited he is about carving an American pumpkin for Halloween. Seeing my Aunt was so much fun! She talked about the many differences between America and Germany. Like, in Germany children have to be at school by 6 a.m.! Or how a Starbucks costs the equivalent of 8 American dollars! Not that this is "wrong" or anything. Its just different.
While I was in Portland I found this lovely Wisteria vine, isn't it gorgeous?

I'm going to use these for reference in a new painting idea. Its going to have a watercolor feel, with pen and ink mixed in. I'm aiming for a woodland view full of hundreds of greens, browns and layered ferns leading to a white clean cabin.

My sister and I had a small photo shoot beneath the twisted branches. She took this picture and the rest in this post. I love how she got far up into the vines, my talented sister!

I'm also using this complicated root system in my upcoming forest painting.

Oh, sweet sweet Ikea, why won't you come to my city?
We also bought this rug in Portland.
I love the nature pattern.
Tribal Painting Update
Here is how she's coming along.
The basic color blocking on the face.

Added a bit more face detail, though it still needs work.

I think her face looks a bit to pinched, she needs to be a bit more relaxed.
Still working on it.
I also added some colors to her clothes.

With all this cold weather, I've been painting non-stop, with a cup of coca in one hand and a brush in the other. What do you all do on these cool fall days?

Stay Artsy,

Saturday, October 9, 2010

So as many of you have noticed, I've up-dated my blog header!

I feel it turned out pretty well. It represents everything that I want my blog to be.


These are the impressions that I want my readers to come away with after visiting my little page. Also I hope you have noticed the mini "Art & Fashion" sign. Yes I've decided to adventure out into the wonderful world of fashion! Scared as I am, I really believe that fashion is a huge part of our lives. When you put thought into what you wear it says many things about you. It displays confidence, respect for those you are about to see, and its a fantastic way to show your creativity. I don't think that good fashion should be restricted to only a certain group of people. We should all take pride in it! A bright red pair of ballet flats, or a snug tweed coat can make any girl feel like a million dollars.

Whenever I do a fashion post I'll always include the price, and place I bought each item. I tend to be a penny pincher, so all of my outfits will be affordable, excluding a few key investment pieces. I'll share advice for how to work with upcoming trends (polka-dot tights, sweater dresses etc.) in a realistic everyday way.

So, are you ready?


Here it goes!

Owls and Polka-Dots

Fashion Post #1

I love this outfit, because I get to combine my sweet owl necklace with my french polka-dot tights. It has a sort of vintage urban feel, plus the dress is insanely comfortable. It's made of jersey material. One part I truly adore is my brown Brogues/Oxfords. they're so very English and proper, with a 60's Beatles feel.

  1. Dress: American Eagle..................$13.00 (On Sale, Originally $40)

  2. Tights: Pacsun.................................................$12.00

  3. Necklace:Claires.............................................$11.00

  4. Brogues/Oxfords: Target............$19.00 (on Sale, Originally $30)

  5. Belt:.................................................. Owned it for forever!

Grand Total: $55!

Not bad huh?

Told you I was a Bargain hunter!

Well, that's all for now. I'm off to Starbucks, artists can also pay $4 for an office!

Stay artsy,

~Sarah Bosserman