Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Hmmm, Good Morning!



I had a gloriously slow start this morning. Usually I wake up quiet early to see of my sister to school and my parents to work, but today I indulged in an hour more of sleep!

Here I sit with my Nutella Eggo in hand (Don't judge till you've tried it!) and my eggnog coffee, dreaming of the day I get to pull out my favorite vintage Christmas Ornaments.

Wisely, my mom marked a day on the calendar when I'm allowed to start "decking the halls"
but until then at least I'm allowed to make my Christmas Villae since technically it's an art project. :)

My beloved vintage treasure trove

Here is a taste of how my little village is coming along..

handmade paper Christmas trees will soon line the streets.

Silver tinsel garlands act as foliage filler.

Four houses so far, and more are to come!

Stay artsy!

Sarah B.

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