Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Happy New Year!!
I hope your coming year is full of all kinds of creative endeavors!
My 2011 resolution is to do a bit of art (no matter how small) each day. Along with that I'll try to post each day to the best of my abilities. Its going to be tough, but I think an iron set challenge is exactly what I need to keep my artist brain on track!
Anyways, it'll be fun.
Where did I get this unusual idea you might be thinking?
Why, from Art-a-Day of course!
Art-a-Day is a blog anyone who likes to create can be apart of. For the entire month of January,
artists join the Art-a-Day blog (http://art-a-day.blogspot.com/) and each day they create something. It could be a piece that they'll work on for awhile, or it could be a new piece each day.
They idea is "to show up and trust the process."
Working on both Art-a-Day and my own blog everyday is going to be tough, but I'll try my very best!
Whew, that was a lot. Now for art.
For Christmas I received tiny 2x4 canvases from my aunt.
So I made this tiny portrait of a mouse and his most prized possession.

I put a bread clip beside the canvas to show just how tiny this is.

Well, stay artsy, and have a wonderful 2011!
~Sarah Bosserman

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