Monday, January 31, 2011

Quote Monday, Robots and Big Cats

Image made by Me, Sarah Bosserman

How many of you have actually read a classic outside of high school or collage? Just for the fun of it? If you have, good for you! ...If not, well, you now know how Mark Twain felt about it.
haha, I saw this and it sounded like a challenge! I've read classics for enjoyment, but I'm shy of the really big authors like Hemingway. Now, however, I think I'll give him a try.

Ok, now for the ART!
Tonight in my art class we all made giant prints. First we carved a relief on a foam sheet, then we used a brayer (mini paint roller) and evenly coated our foam stamp with ink. After that, we took white matt boards and printed our stamps!
My robot print is named Louis, and he's feeling a bit nervous today..

Yes, while writing in fancy font I misspelled my name.. Its Bosserman not Bossermam

While i was writing this post I looked over and saw my sweet Malmer snoozing in a chair.
Is it just me or is he a big cat?

What are some classics you all might want to read?

Stay Artsy,
~Sarah Bosserman

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