Sunday, January 16, 2011

Renewed Start!

I got closer to that huge detailed painting today!
Since I started this monster of a piece last summer and put it aside up until now, I took some time to re-define what I want from it. To do this I gathered up my brushes and paints and went to Starbucks, my home away from home. I sat in there for two hours painting this color study for the sky and greenery. I wish my camera could take better pictures than this!! So much of my careful brushwork is lost!

This is the picture I started last summer. It's 4'x4' and all acrylic.
Don't get any ideas though, this painting is a long, long, long way from being done.
As you can see it has a lot going on, and my instinct is to simplify and bring in a better
brush-flow. I also think the green houses need to be toned down A LOT, and given a more aged patina. I'm not feeling the bright yellow light either.
The green house window dormers need to be shrunk too in order to give a grander scale to the rest of the picture. like, 1/5th of the size they are now.

Tomorrow is the day I start again!
Wish me luck, this is my next big project!
Stay Artsy,
~Sarah Bosserman

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  1. Sarah, you totally impress me! I love your detail and the passion you put into your art. I don't comment everyday on your blog but I'm trying to keep up! You do awesome work. And I love that you paint at Starbucks - love that place.