Sunday, February 20, 2011

1 Week and Counting..

After spending to much time on my Art Journal (pictures to come tomorrow) I couldn't help but feel guilty for neglecting my Green House painting. I now have a 1 week deadline to finish it for a gallery. Deadlines, yuck! To be perfectly honest I probably would never finish the "beast" unless something was prodding me to do so!

Well, I can finally say that the perspective isn't bothering me as much now!
However, the farthest upper dome needs to be widened, as does it's base..
Then the trees must be filled in.. and the night sky...
After this piece I think I'm going to relax more, and not worry so much about painting realistically. The planning and thought that goes into it sort of sucks the fun out of it. Oh, but when it's finished, I will be so proud and happy, I hope.
Stay Artsy, and wish me luck!
~Sarah Bosserman

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