Saturday, February 19, 2011

Art Journal

A few days ago,
I was searching the web looking for a craft to do with friends.
While I was looking at "do-it-yourself-dollies" and "Turkey-hand-seating-markers" I thought to myself "The crafting world must have something more than this! Less, kitchy and more art oriented than macaroni noodle frames!". Something like.. art books, or leaflets, tiny books decoupaged with interesting artsy bits of paper. Intrigued by this tiny thought I started searching with the key words art and journal. To my surprise and amusement there is such a thing as Art Journaling! There are people who journal entire spans of their lives by writing, gluing, painting, sewing, glittering, drawing and decoupaging composition books to preserve who they were at that moment in time. Here are some beautiful examples of Art Journaling, and I will post my own creations (that I've been working on ALL day) tomorrow and the next!
Enjoy these ones until then!

Source For Photo

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Source For Photo

Aren't the beautiful? The Under each picture is a link to the site of the creator.
If You want to give this a try, and I do hope you decide to, this link is a good starting place!

Stay Artsy,
Sarah Bosserman
p.s. If any of you do decide to give this a try, send me an e-mail and I'll post your results. Good luck, and have fun with it!

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