Thursday, February 10, 2011

My Valentines, Art Space and Goodies

Hello everyone! Isn't it beautiful outside? Unless you're on the east coast, in which case I hope you'll de-frost soon, and have a cup of cocoa. Right, So remember how yesterday I made Valentines but my silly computer didn't want to upload them? Well, today the sun is shining and my computer is feeling generous!
Here it is! I drew, painted and glittered to the point that it might have been unhealthy. Blast the consequences though, what other holiday lets you O.D. on pink??

I picked out little "gifts" for the recipient.
A cookie ( I nibbled on) a cup cake and a Trader Joe's sticker.

For this project I dug deep and found my art desk! Although rummaging through papers, boxes and bags of craft supplies took awhile, I'm glad to have my art space and inspiration wall back.

I hope you all will have a happy Valentines Day, whether it's hanging out with friends, family, that special someone or even your cats!
Stay Artsy,
~Sarah Bosserman

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