Friday, February 11, 2011

New Mural Thingy and I'm Playing With Fire

Guess what?
I've started a new mural, as if I haven't enough projects going on!
Ah well, when inspiration strikes, you take it.
I'm working on canvas cloth, with sharpie outline and acrylic paints. I think I'll sew some fabric on for more texture, but We'll see. It's of a girl diving in the ocean. In the corner an octopus/giant squid is mingling with the seaweed on the sea floor. Above both of them another girl is snorkeling. Right now I'm working on my round dining room table, so the corners are hanging off.

While I was getting into the painting frenzy I had forgot about a tortilla warming up on a burner.
5 seconds later I look over my shoulder to see 5"of white smoke hanging in my kitchen. 1 minute later the fire alarms were going off and my sister and her friend ran upstairs expecting the worst. We'll there were no casualties (..unless you count the tortilla) and no burn marks. We are currently airing out the house with beach towels flying and doors wide open.
This is why artists hire cooks.

Scene of the "crime"
Stay Artsy, and don't trust tortillas,
~sarah Bosserman

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  1. Sarah, is your little redhead girl for sale? She has an amazing resemblance to one of my nieces...