Monday, March 7, 2011

Brogues, Black Paint and More Floss

Lately I found myself looking around,
reading up and checking out new techniques and styles to experiment with. Today I wanted to try a masking/revealing trick. First I painted this canvas in different black tones, then I strung out floss (yes floss, I still haven't bought proper art string) and arranged it in an a-symmetrical grid/pattern taping, off the edges as I went for stability. Next I pasted them down with more black paint. Tomorrow I'll get to the actual painting of the subject matter, which is yet to be decided. It will most definitely be something bright, child like and inspired by Paul Klee. After I've covered all the black and am satisfied with my creation, I'll peal back the strings to reveal black geometric lines.
I'm not sure how this will look but the promise of something new is worth the struggle.

I'm not sure how many of you saw the Polyvore clip art picture I posted earlier, but the shoes featured in it arrived! I love my brogues/oxfords, I know own two pairs. Like chocolate, and my New Yorkers, they're one of my self indulgences


Stay Artsy,

~Sarah Bosserman

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  1. Sarah those are some stylin shoes! Love them!!