Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Imaginary Portrait

Yesterday I made a resolution to hone in my painting techniques, especially when dealing with the natural world such as humans, plants, light and perspective. Don't you think for a moment that I'm going to be painting nothing but still lifes of pears, flowers and vases though! I want to learn these techniques by practicing them in a more creative whimsical way. So, my next painting, which will be much smaller, is a portrait. A portrait of a child and her imaginary friend.
My reasoning behind this (besides it's a fun idea) is the fact that I'll be practicing nearly everything on my list! I'll be practicing painting a human form (from reference photos) while on the friend(s) I can practice painting fur with light reflections, fish scales, transparent wings, skin, eyes, shadows etc. Any texture/surface I want to practice can be applied to the imaginary friend, and on the human I can master emotion and form. plus.. I won't have to worry about fruit spoiling.

Here are some of my first idea sketches..
I can't claim the three mouth idea on the first monster, as much as I want to, one of my students
first came upon that idea. I hope she doesn't mind that I borrowed it! ..ah well I hope the inspiration is mutual.

I think I'll focus on these two below. There's something about the huge eye and silly rounded teeth..
I myself would like to have him as an imaginary friend. When I do paint this I'll possession them in a way that they interact with each other more.

This is close to what I mean by portrait tone, style and detail.. mine will probably be a bit brighter, and finer focused. Rembrandt liked to fade out in spots, which I will do too, just not as much. Beautiful though, isn't it?

Rembrandt self portrait

Well, m=the base coat on my canvas is prepped to go!
Stay Artsy!
~Sarah Bosserman
P.S. My art will be HERE tomorrow! Drop by and say hi, I would love to talk!
3rd Annual Art-a-Day Show!
Thursday, March 3rd,5 – 9pm
First Thursday Art Walk in Historic Downtown Kennewick
at Chell Design,11 S Benton St, Suite A,Kennewick, WA 99336

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