Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Lizard and The Black Keys

Painting and music are like peanut butter and jelly, fine apart, but when paired together the results are Delicious.

Ok, not the best example but you try blogging on an empty stomach!

Before work today I bought the Brothers CD by The Black Keys. Their bluesy-rock sound inspired me so that I nearly finished The Lizard Guy. I bobbed my head, and rocked back and forth on my heals, while my paint brush was guided by the soulful beats. Thick paint, strong shadows, smooth transitions from light to dark on the background, rough lines for scales, yellow, white, blue.. and strong punches of red filled my canvas. When I get into one of these music guided paintings I don't even need to think deeply about what to do next, intuition kicks in and I move swiftly from one spot to another.

Here is a refresher from start to end with the progress of this painting.

Initial inspiration sketch.

Primed canvas, strings in place, outlined figure.

Shadows and highlights begun, background getting worked out.

Background still coming together, figure near end of color fill in.

Next steps, complete background, finishing highlights/details, and remove the string.
Tomorrow I won't get much done with my schedule being crazy, but on Friday I'll be able to commit a few hours to it.
hhmmm, now back to my CD.
Stay Artsy,

~Sarah Bosserman

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