Thursday, March 17, 2011

Urban Folk

My Urban Folk Guy is coming along fairly well.
I lowered his eyes and I'll add the pupils tonight. I add some highlights on the wallpaper background, and thinned his beard a bit. I don't want to add to much detail to this painting. Solid colors, firm patterns and bold contrast are what I'm after. A bit modern, with a American Folk Art feel.

It's just another style to try to learn and grow from.. hopefully another layer to add to that Holy Grail every artist delves deep to attain.
..Personal Style..
It's a long road yet though.
Stay Artsy,
~Sarah Bosserman


  1. Hey, Sarah! I'm a Sarah too :D
    I just found your blog, via yourpants, and am quite glad I have. Looking at the most recent few pages of your posts, have reminded me of how much I love [and miss] using acrylic paint.
    So, keep up the painting, I can't wait to see your finished folk man, I'll be watching your blog.

  2. Thanks for commenting, these encourage me more than you know!
    ~Sarah B