Sunday, April 17, 2011

Fleet Foxes and Old Men

After the sketch Crawl I couldn't help but sit down at my local coffee shop and draw people.

Well, the people were really photographs in my latest Spin magazine, but hey, sketching is sketching!

First I did a warm up with this Sharpie and watercolor study of a slumbering giant in the Alps.

I thought about having trees sticking out of his ears like it was ear hair.. but on second thought I decided it might be a bit to much "eww".

Next I flipped through the Spin.

It featured one of my favorite bands, Fleet Foxes. Apparently their going to record/write the next album in Portland Oregon, my hometown! Keep Portland Weird!!

whew, ok so I flipped through it and picked this photograph of Robin Pecknold (Of Fleet Foxes) and an hour later I got this.

Well, it took an hour to get it that far, with the help of my sisters frank pointers.

"His mouth isn't that angular.. yes, that's more like it!" She really (I'm not being sarcastic!) is a genuine help. A second pair of eyes are crucial!

After that I whipped out this second portrait, of Skyler Skjelset (Also in the band) with a sharpie.

After three drawings I finally felt lose enough to revisit Robin again, this time with a looser hand and color.

I think this second one captures more of him, though I think the other one is more technically accurate.. maybe. I can't really tell anymore.. To much studying lines and beard fuzz.

Well, Stay Artsy,

~Sarah Bosserman

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