Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The "Hot Guys Cool Cup" Cup

After seeing my customizable Starbucks cup, my best friend went out and bought her own.

Today We surfed the Internet looking up her favorite actors for "Inspiration". After finding some good photos she had me draw them with a sharpie and slip them in her cup.

Thus we had the Hot Guys Cool Cup, or HGCC.

I'm making mine tomorrow, but we'll see if i have the guts to post it :)

Above, Jess of Gilmore Girls

Above, Jim from The Office

And.. that Hot gay guy from Glee. I can't remember his name at the moment..

Stay Artsy,

~Sarah Bosserman

As A joke we put Dwight on the bottom!

What A Hottie!!!!!


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  1. Hi Sarah~

    I'm visiting at the request of Susan and Mollie. You wouldn't remember me but I met you when you were just about? Maybe 7 or 8?

    Everything that I've been told about you is true. You are becoming quite the artist!! I really enjoyed browsing your blog and look forward to the next inspiration...

    Blessings, Debbie