Sunday, August 21, 2011

It's Birthday Time!

 On August 19th I turned 19!
Although it was a little sad being away from all my friends in Washington (STATE)
my family pulled double time to make it special. My mom took me shopping at the biggest flipping mall I've ever seen. When they say Texas big they mean it! I bought a necklace pocket watch that really works, a ruby red lace dress, an Apache inspired scarf a pair of soft skinny jeans and a red tulle skirt. ahhhhh.. for me shopping is a sport. The seeking, spotting, then pouncing on the half price rack to grab the holy grail of finds to wave in the air all the way to the cash register. The thrill of the hunt. 

After a day of hunting ( shopping) in my favorite store H&M and Forever21 we surprised my dad (his birthday is two days before mine) and took him out to a Hibachi grill where they cook your food at your table! IT was incredible! They threw eggs in the air, caught them in their hats, made 5 foot towers of fire and performed dangerous knife tricks! I think the table next to us lost some face hair when their cook got a little carried away with the fire. 

So over all it was a lovely birthday and my family really pulled through. 
 I really love those guys!

Here's how Liam my nerdy friend is coming along, and below him are some after birthday photos.
Stay Artsy,
~Sarah Bosserman

My dad bought me the special edition 758 page Vogue and my favorite dark chocolate.
What a great guy huh??

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