Monday, August 1, 2011

King Eddy and His Many Feathers

Hello All!
I'm finally back to posting and making art!
We still don't have Internet connection at our new apartment though.
What a pity... so off to Starbucks we go!
This is a half finished but new painting I'm working on.
This regally yet bright bird is none other than King Edward of Lonely Isles. He is the soul
ruler of his 4 island country (all shown in picture). His kingdom is positioned somewhere in the southern Hemisphere between Sierra Leone and Venezuela. The eccentric ruler bides his time by
sending letters (via bottles) to his numerous pen pals around the globe. he is also avid in collecting many pretty strings, jewels and bobbles to decorate his fanciful plumage from the odd sailor that may visit his island kingdom, as payment to cross his bit of sea of course.

Since I have left all my art contacts and buyers in Washington State since moving to Texas, I'm now offering my art to buy straight from this blog. After a piece is finished, I'll post the price, size, medium and my e-mail address for any who are in the slight interested.
Stay Artsy, More is to come in this illustrated mind set of art :)
~Sarah Bosserman

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