Friday, August 26, 2011

My painting is coming along nicely thanks to my inspiration above (Florench Welch) and my Dad's encouragement. Everybody likes red heads right? This bohemian hippy girl is in acrylic on a huge 3'x3' canvas courtesy of Dad. Isn't he great? To thrive an artist needs encouragement, whether it's from family, friends or fans. If you know someone who aspires to be an artist, be there for them! Even if all you can find to praise is their ability to erase, artists are emotional creatures, and need to be loved.

Ok, lesson time is over!
Now it's adventure time!

Today, my mom and I drove our Mustang all the way to downtownish Dallas. Our goal, er, my goal was a pair of soft grey high heels I had spotted at H&M on our last trip. Everything went along smoothly, I bought my heels, put them on immediately, and browsed "a la mother-daughter" style in the ritzy mall.

When we spotted a Ferrari in the Mall garage we were tempted to go all Ferris Bueller on it.

Finally, I live in a city with bizarre art for the masses!!

Like I said, everything was going just swell... then, our adventure really started.
Suddenly while we were stalking a parking spot for an estate sale near by (Old people have the coolest stuff!) I realized that smoke was coming out of the Stang's hood. We parked, the car groaned and spewed out lime green cooling fluid all over the road. It had over heated. The Stang is a picky creature. We drove carefully for an auto zone for more cooling fluid, then the heat gage forced us to pull over. From there we walked a few blocks in the sweltering Texas heat, I in my heels, my mother with her battle face on. We were determined not to call and pester my Dad. We were grown women, we could take care of it!
Holy crap it was hot though!

Eventually we consoled the car which in turn gave us one last heave and we drove all the way home without air conditioning (Stang wasn't quite well yet) and our adventure came to a close. We were a bit stressed, but while driving we received a divine bit of comedy for our pains.

Apparently a guy who owns a strip mall also has a sense of humor.

Caskets R Us is next door to Boxes 2 Go.

We laughed our butts off all the way home.

Stay Artsy,
~Sarah Bosserman

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  1. Fun stuff Sarah! I didn't realize you moved to Dallas. I used to live in Dallas - long ago. It is where I had my first teaching job. Hope you love it. I have such great memories - glam city.