Wednesday, September 28, 2011

A Fancy Sort of Turkey

It's funny how things can be so beautiful from afar, like a butterfly or a bunny rabbit. Then you grab a magnifying glass or visit a pet store and WHOA THERE, that thing has red eyes/creepy pinchers.

Turns out Peacocks are like that too.
Beautiful vibrant plumage but up close they're just glorified turkeys. honestly, I did a lot of picture research for my painting and in real life this graceful arched neck can only be found on a swan.
Ah well that's what "creative licence" is for.

Here is a time lapse of my latest painting,
The Peacock

(Not finished yet!)

If anyone is wondering about this pink lines, It's a technique I believe I invented. I like to call it string theory (hahahah, Big Bang Theory Humor) and it goes like this...

  1. I do the primary color blocking and paint the whole canvas.
  2. While still wet I stretch thick string across the surface making sure the paint grabs on and holds it in place.
  3. Next I paint right over the top of the whole painting, adding shading, changing colors, going where it generally leads me.
  4. Finally when I feel the painting is done, I slowly pull off the string leaving the previous layers showing in all they're slightly staggered glory.
I think it's added interest to what would otherwise be a one dimensional feeling painting. That rough edge contrast with the careful blending and yeah.. That's what those strings are :)

 Stay artsy
~Sarah Bosserman


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  1. You are amazing girl! Hope you are doing well, funny how much more we miss you now that you are so far away!

    Love ya :)