Monday, October 31, 2011


Hello Friends!
How was your weekend?

Yesterday My family and I jumped in the car and picked a compass heading.
After deciding on East, we drove an hour and a half and found some spooky locations.

Lovely Lake Palestine, was by far the creepiest lake I've ever seen. The drought in Texas had drained it of 12' and exposed the former forest the damn had covered up. Oh so scenic.

We also found a huge, I mean ginormous rose garden.
We wandered down it's isles and found roses that smelled like liquorish, fruit punch, and pepper!
It was pretty amazing with 38,000 rose bushes and 600 varieties on 14 acres.

Early in the day we browsed a Architectural salvage Warehouse/yard. It was SO BIG, which seemed to be a theme that day. It had rooms and rooms and rooms of fire mantles, claw footed bathtubs, unique doors, tin ceiling tiles, windows and my favorite, stained glass! Anything you could want to build a house you could find here, only older and better!

Eventually we were so far east in Texas that we almost hit Louisiana, and the locals were pretty hick.

We drove past this awesome modern ruin, of a truck stop. Cracked, leaning, old 7UP sign, and fully grown trees in the center? Qualifies as a haunted house to me!

That was my weekend, What did you do?

Oh, and have a HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

Stay Artsy,
~Sarah Bosserman

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