Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Hello friends!

                       Don't you love to learn? The small things, like riding a bike, potting a plant, a sweet recipe for muffins. Well, I'm putting my acrylic paints in the closet for a bit and learning how to oil paint. So far I love it! Oils are SO different from acrylics. Sure they take longer to dry, (a few days!) but they're made for smooth blending and building up layers is nearly effortless!
Since I'm a newbie,  my art teacher is having me copy a painting of a horse.
but.... at home I've been experimenting on my own!

This is what I've got so far,
it's a re-take on the "Monster Mash"
My key character is a Spaceman, and the painting seems to be taking a turn toward the romantic.
I don't know if I'll ever be able to paint a straight up serious painting, but I adore a bit of whimsy.

Stay Artsy,
~Sarah Bosserman

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