Thursday, October 13, 2011

Speed Climbing and Thrift Stores

First, watch this video, it makes you want to jump off your couch and live.
It also makes you wish he had a parachute on.
This is Speed Climbing.

For anyone wondering the song was Welcome Home by Radical Face

Isn't this awe inspiring? Don't you want to get out there now? Not necessarily to climb a mountain, But take a hike? Learn karate? Take a painting class? Whatever it is that you're too timid to try? If a Swiss dude named Ueli Steck has the guts to climb a crazy sick mountain, than why can't you take a chance too? Be daring!

Today I finished the Peacock painting, now I've got to paint the edges of the canvas, and tomorrow I'll unveil it to all of you! I'm extremely pleased with how it all came together, and I learned a lot from it. Those are the best kinds of paintings.

Ok, now it's my turn to be brave like Ueli Speck,
here is my first fashion look for my blog!

One of my favorite places to shop might be a bit surprising.
I LOVE thrift stores!! There is a common misconception that thrift stores are scary grungy place where you might catch  third world diseases. Not So! Thrift shops are great places to find vintage, classic and unusual pieces for your wardrobe and home! That's where I found this sweet Navajo inspired half jacket. Right now Native American prints are all over the place, and in magazines like Vogue and Elle. I Pared this cozy jacket with skinny jeans and a tucked shirt to off set the exaggerated sized sleeves. Oh, and do you want to know how much I paid for this coat? Five dollars!
Thrifts stores, I love them!

Stay Artsy,
~Sarah Bosserman


  1. Very inspiring and I must say I absolutely adore thrift stores / charity shops / vintage shops / second hand stores I completely agree they are perfect places to pick up something special. Absolutely gorgeous!


  2. Thrift stores are my main deal! There are so many unique items, and well-priced. More bang for the buck!