Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Bird like View, Shiny Stuff I LOVE

Hello Friends!

Last July I moved to Dallas Texas with my Family.
We rented a small flat, lugged our stuff up the stairs and squeezed it all in Janga style.

Now, We're stepping up to a new larger apartment, with 3 bedrooms, a huge deck and many other amenities. This is fabulous news, except, we have to pack all our stuff and move again, down a flight of stairs and up another. My back hurts already!

So, because I unpacked all my little treasures thinking we'd be here longer, I wanted to share some small snap shots of my room. You know, before it's torn all apart again. oh the horror.

I'm like a bird, I collect things that are alike. Shiny metal boxes, beautiful cigar boxes, white smooth ceramics, editions of Alice in Wonderland, old chandlers.. etc. I even pick what goes on my wall carefully. Old black and white photographs of my ancestors, my paintings and paintings by my family, vintage postcards, and mirrors fill the space over my bed. I need to be surrounded by the things that represent what and who I love.

What is it that you love and surround yourself with?

Stay Artsy & DFTBA,

Sarah Bosserman

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