Thursday, November 17, 2011

NASA, The BBC and Painting Spacemen

Hello Friends!

First I want to tell you I have a BIG SECRET PROJECT I'm working on. You can all be apart of it, but I'm not quite ready to share.. more on it later!

For now.. today I was having trouble with my spaceman painting, particularly the spaceman. I feel like his suite doesn't have enough going on. It needs more layers, dials, tubes, and doo-dads. It needs to feel more vintage 1950's or 60's.
So while I did add some lime green, and a little orange, I've mostly been researching and drawing more concept art.
Here's another peek of it so far.

So while I was digging around on the Internet looking for my inspiration, I found this old footage. It's a BBC1 (British Broadcasting for you outside of the UK) demonstration of the Luna EVA, or as we know it, the Apollo Space suite. I really enjoyed it, hope you do too!

Stay Artsy, DFTBA and more to come on the SECRET project!

Sarah Bosserman

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