Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Fashion and Secret X

Hello Friends!
Did you have a Spooky Halloween? 

Yesterday I bought my sisters birthday present. Now I'm going to refer to her present as X because she might read this. So I bought X and since I didn't have a car that day I had to carry it all the way home. X is very, very heavy! It almost makes me wish there weren't so many of X. In fact it's so heavy that the store gave me a cardboard box to carry X home in.The second I crossed my doorstep I collapsed onto the couche. My arms are still sore today! It wasn't easy, but I know she'll LOVE X and keep it forever, so it's worth the effort.

On November 14 It'll be my sisters birthday and I'll let you all in on the secret, but until then feel free to try and guess what it is :)

Remember last weekend's Road Trip?
While my parents were paying for lunch, my sister kindly snapped a few photos for this week's look.

Oxfords: Target, $25
Wool Coat: Coffee Shop, $110
Purple Purse: Target, $14 ( On Sale!)
Skinny Jeans, New York & Co., $10 (Another Sale!)

You might have notice that the Coat is much more expensive than anything else and that because I only like to splurge on wool coats. They last forever and will always be in style, basically they're a good investment.

All of these photos were taken by my very talented sister, Josephine!
Thanks Josephine, you're the greatest :)

Stay Artsy,
~Sarah Bosserman

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