Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Illustration by Injury

Hello Friends,

                  Enjoying this fall weather? Cold, yes but beautiful bits of the holidays are popping up everywhere. Yesterday I fell particularly hard for seasonal temptations like Eeg Nog, Pepperage Farm wafer cookies, and now my coffee is spike with a Christmas infusion of cinnamon and Chi.
Not that there's anything wrong about eating peppermint cookies throughout the day.. I think. Anyways, I think it's justified since I'm laid up with an injury. Two days ago while walking back from the mail box, my hip decided to leave the party. I nearly fell head first into a garbage can! However, my will to make it back to the apartment was stronger than that, so, with two inch steps and a lot of groaning I crossed the parking lot, climbed two flight of stairs, unlocked my door and fell onto the couch.

                    Even today It's hard to walk, but with the assistance of warm baths, and my wondrous bag of cookies, all will be well again. One of the silver linings in this mess is that I get to use those nifty automated carts in the grocery stores. The odd thing about being young and using them is what people think of me. Some people assumed I was just having a fun spin anddidn't approve, others thought I was dieing of a horrible condition/disease. All the older free sample ladies at CostCo were very concerned over me, bless they're hearts!  The cure to my condition is probably as simple as a Yoga class.

                Another silver lining is that I've been drawing and painting quite a lot!
Here's an illustration I doodled yesterday. I didn't plan anything about it, and I kind of love it's meandering 1960's feel. It's Sharpi and Watercolor. Maybe I'll make it into a print for sale.

Stay Artsy and DFTBA
(Don't Forget To Be Awesome)
~Sarah Bosserman

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