Saturday, December 31, 2011

#1 Post of the NEW YEAR

Well, its that time of year again!
Committing to making art everyday for the month of January ( or in my case, the whole year) and I can honestly say I have no fear! It will be a grand year filled with art projects, late nights, and inspiration.

Kicking 2012 off with an experiment in sculpture might be fool hardy to some but I'm trudging ahead with my glue gun at the ready.

Here is how far I've gotten in one day..

First concept art of a dragon-beastly-creature and a cocky rider.

Next I sketched the profile out on a cardboard sheet.

After cutting, I started adding width.

After hours of glue gunning (2 burnt fingers) and cutting, here is my beast!

Later I'll add wings, horns, frills to the beasty and dimension to the rider.

After the structure is complete, I'll get my hands dirty with some paper mache!
More to come, but right now Casa Blanca is playing and a bowl of spaghetti is waiting for me.

Stay Artsy & DFTBA

Sarah Bosserman

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