Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Hunger Games Portrait

Whenever I read a truly brilliant book or movie, full of intriguing developed characters, and a plot worth chewing on, I can't help but let the essence of the story leak out into my art.

The Hunger Games is one such story.
Right now I'm on page 133, and ripping myself from it's pages was difficult. I was panicked about
making something for my art blog on time and worth showing. I also wanted to express everything I've read up to this point. There are numerous tension brimming, emotionally charged scenes to pick from, but I couldn't decided. Everything felt to contrived when put to paper. My pen was fighting my head, and my head only wanted to start reading again. Frustrating!

Well, eventually I did gain control again. So, I drew Katniss (the protagonist) with her hair in braids done by her mother. I wanted to show her complicated mind in the braids. She desires above all else to provide and protect her delicate and younger sister from the harsh society they live in. She also must fight for her life, in the cruel and heartless Hunger Games. She is strong and intelligent. This makes her beautiful.

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