Friday, April 13, 2012

A Noble Yet Naive Cause

One of my favorite things to do is go to the Barnes and Noble Cafe. I wander through the isles grabbing high fashion and art magazines to read while sipping coffee. Now and then I find a good artist.

Something that bothers me though is what most people think to be worthy of note in the art world. The majority of the highlighted work in these magazines are grotesque, disturbing,  or overly conscious about politics. Walk through the next book store with magazines and pick one of the art issues up, you'll see what I mean. It saddens me that most of these talented hard working artists have only turned out work expressing death, lust, anxiety, destruction, grime, insanity and isolation. There is no question that you can paint whatever you want, it is a freedom of expression. I just wish they'd experiment with purer concepts once in a while, like innocence, youth, love, unity, or imagination that hasn't been marred by darkness. It is easy to access and show those darker concepts in our minds, they have all proven that in abundance, now I think we could use a lighter touch. Something that reaches the soul, that can move people to feel something deeper. I felt this while looking at Monets, Renoirs and Van Goghs in France. They captured beauty, and look at how the world has responded to them, with open arms. The Impressionists are the most sought after and loved art group/age in the world! And the ones who are best known come from the side within the group who only painted subjects of love and beauty.I saw people crying at the sight of their paintings, so overcome with emotion. That is what I want in my art, to show the joy of nature and life. Other painters should push themselves for it too. It is somewhat naive, but it is also a noble concept and I believe it is one worth promoting, and dedicating my life to.

Also I've finished my Flower Girl painting.
Any suggestions for a better title would be lovely.
She was done in oil paints on watercolor paper.
Prints will be available of her soon!

Stay Artsy & DFTBA

Sarah Bosserman

P.S. This is Malmer, he is my snugly kitty.


  1. Bravo Sarah! I just want to encourage your vision. I love how you describe your desire to capture purer images that inspire. You are absolutely right when you say, "It is easy to access and show those darker concepts in our minds, they have all proven that in abundance." Your pieces usually reflect creativity, ingenuity, whimsy, as well as beauty - This is not naive. It is the "wisdom that comes from above . . . "

  2. All this from the girl who hid under my bushes and ran beanie babies down the slide...I love you Sarah, you amaze me :)

  3. Thank you so much for understanding and supporting. Wisdom does come from above! :)

  4. Thanks buddy! I still have those beanie babies.. :) Love you too!