Sunday, May 6, 2012

Free Comic Book Day & Loki Fan Art

Yeah, Free Comic Book Day was yesterday. I know, but, I forgot to post this!

This was my first year to participate, and I took full advantage of it. I've never read actual comic books before, aside from Tintin and Calvin and Hobbes. They don't really count since they were designed for newspapers. So this "holiday" was a fun sort of experiment for me to try something new and I'm glad that I did! First off, it was fun to feel a bit like Sheldon Cooper, carrying a stake of comics up to the counter, with a goofy excited smile on my face. Secondly, I actually did enjoy the stories! There was one based off Firefly, one off Starwars, one was a vintage reprint from the 60's. Also there was an Avengers story and the others were new stories I had never heard of. Some of the books were double sided, containing two stories. My third reason for my first Free comic book Day being a success was the art inside! Beautiful, just beautiful..

Also, I've started to paint in my Loki drawing!
Isn't he evil looking? The perfect villain!

Stay Artsy & DFTBA

Sarah Bosserman


  1. yay for fcbd success stories! they had lots of good offerings this year including some download only/small press stuff, and I love any holiday with the word "free" in the name, as well as one where I get to be contributor and happy customer!

    1. Hurray indeed!! I think I might actualy read and buy comics now! :) ..and yes "free" is the greatest word to add to any holiday. :)