Monday, June 18, 2012

Smiley Little Face

Isn't he the sweetest?
How lucky am I to have my first commissioned portrait to be of a smiley child? 200 years ago I would have been forced to paint Dukes and other old farts! My how the times have changed, and for the better might I add. Take for instance how I'm able to take liberties with color and line! I'm feeling this painting out as I go, and it looks like it's going to be a fluid light hearted sort of color pallet.
I'm stoked that the lines have been easy to find.. but, I'm a bit nervous about what to do with his teeth.

Oddly enough I distinctly remember having a nightmare where I just couldn't get the teeth on a painting right. I'm sure it will all work out eventually, but gosh, till then I'll have tiny butterflies bumbling around in my stomach... and hey, there's no rule that says I have to do the teeth now.
The finishing touch, that's what they'll be.

Stay Artsy & DFTBA

Sarah Bosserman

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