Thursday, July 19, 2012

Learning the Hard Way

I can't wait to get this painting done. I'm not really that into it, and I think it's because of the excess yellow and pink tones in her skin mixed with milky white. I've got to a grip and stop faking skin tones! Next time I'll try something different.. 

But until then I must finish this piece. And hey, I learn something from each painting I make, and I've learned from this one as well.

Sarah Bosserman


  1. Hey sarah i have a question how do you paint the face withe colors and all....i started a painting and i dont really get it...could u give some advice thnx,lilack everhart

    1. I would love to give you some advice! Though I'm honestly still figuring out myself. :)
      I don't try to go for a skin tone when I paint oddly enough. I start out by looking at the photo of the person I'm painting, picking out the warm cheeks, chin, and sometimes the tip of the nose. Those will be the warmest places on the face, sometimes being red, pink or yellow depending on the painting. I use a bit of white, yellow and red mixed very, very, lightly together, you'd almost think it was cream, and that's the color I use everywhere else. I sometimes mix in a TINY bit of blue for the underside of the chin, neck, eye hollows, and under the nose tip. Sometimes I use purple because It's a good halfway color, both warm and cool. Remeber to experiment and to not be afraid of making a mistake, also never paint the whole face ONE color, mix your paints and make lots of different tones. Hope that helped! :)