Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Sleeping Figures

I'm currently sketching my sleeping bear and child onto a canvas. 

The little girl was a challenge to get right. I think her little hands, and sleeping figure look natural enough to finally leave for good. I exercised my eraser vigorously..  Another thing that teases my brain, but in a good way, is drawing the many wildflowers and tall grasses that make up their napping area. Hollyhock, Black Eyed Susans, Poppies, and Dandelions will all be present in this field.

 I truly adore the simple beauty in these two figures, maybe someday I'll revisit it for a larger painting.. hmm. 

Sarah Bosserman

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  1. Ahhhh Sarah!! I have visions of comissioning you to do a sketch for me of my 5 boys frollicking about a wooded creekside while I exhaustedly take a breather and laugh and revel in their endearing boisterousness! How can your art inspire my mind to create its own?! This is so precious! Bear and daughter!!!